Since 1992, Inserlec manufactures stranded conductors.

Mostly designed for high performance cables, our products meet a large variety

of specifications, from test prototypes to steady scheduled batches.


  • Support the success of our clients, through our quality culture, our responsiveness and our suggestions
  • Build a more competitive and more efficient team, every day
  • Manage a responsible development
  • Generate a margin that allows the financing of our investments and innovative projects


In our team you would meet:

Fabrication technicians, actual owners of the valuable expertise, playing the stranding score

The Production manager, supervising schedules and shop performance, leading the knowledge throughout the workshop

Our QSE coordinator, as the pilot of our ISO certified system, stimulates the dynamic of improvement

The managing-director Assistant, as a one-woman band, oversees sales administration, logistic and supply

The Accountant, for several reasons she is the financial right arm of the CEO

Our IT system manager, ensuring the performance and the smartness of our data processing

A President/CEO, among other things, builds the long term trend from the every-day commitments.